Composition of the Audit Committee:

  •  Ingura Doble
  •  Ivo Līdums
  •  Edgars Cimermanis

Ingura Doble, independent audit committee member, LR sworn auditor since 2008 with vast experience in preparation, control and audit of annual reports and consolidated annual reports for companies with various profile, such as producers, traders and innovation performers and different sector, including food industry, companies. Practical experience is regularly updated with theoretical knowledge, also passing it to other industry professionals – accountants- through seminars and publications.

Ivo Līdums, independent audit committee member. Member of the Baltic Dairy Board Council, since 28 April 2016. The experience of Ivo Līdums in the last 4 years is related to management, budget planning and follow-up activities of Riela Latvia Ltd. and ILM Ltd. facilitating long-term cooperation with the existing and potential foreign cooperation partners. His duties included preparation of overviews and reports on the sales results, preparation of proposals, and technical specifications, concluding contracts, managing projects, cooperating with the existing and potential clients.

In cooperation with Vides Bioenerģētikas un biotehnoloģijas kompetences centrs Ltd., he has successfully participated in scientific activities, in the group that developed an innovative product, he has managed communication between the client and scientists, organised reporting during meetings, as well as participation in the international exhibitions and conferences.

Currently, he is studying at the Doctoral Study Programme “Food Science” at the Faculty of Food Technology of the Latvia University of Agriculture.

Edgars Cimermanis, independent audit committee member. Currently, holds Investment Director position in ZGI Capital Ltd. and ZGI Real Estate Ltd., where he monitors the venture capital and real estate investments made, as well as explores new investment opportunities, research and marketing. Currently, holds also the CFO position in JSC Mārupes Metālmeistars, where he monitors financial control, budgeting, and follows its progress, as well as deals with other financial and strategic issues. Previously gained five-year work experience in an international audit and business consulting company KPMG Baltics Ltd., where he provided financial advising for companies from various industries, including food industry.

Graduated Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Currently, acquires the international CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) degree in financial analysis.