• Baltic Dairy Board starts milk and whey protein concentrate, permeate, cream and skim milk manufacturing in the new processing plant.
  • The EU investment fond project ‘’ Innovative set of equipment purchases for in depth whey processing’’ is realized.


  • The construction of the new dairy and whey processing plant is started
  • The bonds are included in the list of the Baltic debt securities of stock exchange Nasdaq Riga.


The company together with leading researchers of Latvia University an Environment, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology Competence center starts research in biotechnology, in order to develop a new method for the production of high quality and added value milk product manufacturing.


  • The company buys milk producers Bauska milk buildings


  • revenue reaches 7 million euros.


  • Increase in new milk suppliers led to increase of milk to 22 tons


  • A contract is concluded with the Lithuanian dairy products producers AB Vilkyškių Pieninė, and there is a rapid increase of milk suppliers.



  • The company is established by the name SIGILO KV