Milk permeate is produced from fresh pasteurized milk at a low temperature filtration process, separating proteins. Milk permeate composition is similar to whey permeate, however, as milk permeate is obtained directly from milk with fewer processing steps it has a different flavor.

Milk permeate is used in milk and meat products, confectionery, sports drinks.

Quality indicators:

Sensory parameters:


Color Greenish- yellow
Taste/ Smell Slightly sweet
Consistency Homogeneous liquid

Chemical parameters:

Fat, % Max. 0,1
Protein, % Max. 0,55
Acidity, pH 6,1 – 6,4
Dry Matter % 16 – 21
Lactose % 15 – 20
Inhibitory substances absent

Microbiological parameters:

Total plate count, KVV/1ml ≤ 10 000
Enterobacteriaceae,  KVV/1ml <10
Coliforms, KVV/ml <10
E.coli, KVV/ml <10
Staphylococcus aureus, KVV/ml <10
Salmonellas spp., 125 ml absent
Listeria monocytogenes, 125 ml absent