Milk protein concentrate (MPC) of Baltic Diary Board is a concentrated milk product containing 40–85% of milk protein that has been separated by the spraying – drying method at a low temperature to keep the natural properties of milk proteins.

MPC contains 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein and biologically active protein fractions in the same proportion as milk.

Thanks to the low processing temperature, the protein in the concentrate has been preserved in its natural form.

Low lactose and high protein proportion makes MPC an excellent additive for drinks with high protein content, as well as food and products with low carbohydrate and fat content.

MPC-40, MPC-70 and MPC-85, containing 40%, 70% and 85% protein are the most popular products in the market.

The MPC products dissolve easily and are heat resistant; they have good emulsion building abilities, foam building and gel formation abilities, as well as water-binding properties. MPC has a milky taste and smell, and has little sediment.

MPC can be used in cheese, sour milk products, milk drinks, infant nutrition, medical food, weight management supplements, sport drinks, and dietary supplements. It is added to increase the protein, vitamin B and Calcium content in the products.


Quallity indicators:

Liquid concentrates

Dry matter Fat Protein Lactose
MPC 40% 20,5-21,5 % max 0,2% 8,2-8,7 % ~ 10%
MPC 70% 19 – 22% max  0,4% 14 – 16 % ~ 3,2%
MPC 85% 17 – 18 % max  0,4% 14,45-15,5% max 1,2%


Dry powders

Fat Protein Lactose
MPC 40% max 1,25% min 40,5 % max 50 %
MPC 70% max 1,7% min 70% max 15%
MPC 85% max 2% min 85 % max 6%