Pasteurized sweet cream (cream) of Baltic Dairy Board is made of 100% raw milk through centrifugal separation process. The product does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

–Raw milk – the ingredient of the cream – is purchased from farms certified and monitored by the Latvian Food and Veterinary.

The cream gives the food a richer flavor and thickens its structure. The cream is used in the production of such dairy products as yogurt, sour cream, fresh cream, cottage cheese and ice cream. It can also be whipped, used in desserts and pastries.

The cream of Baltic Dairy Board is produced in compliance with strict requirements of HACCP and has kosher certification


Quality indicators:

Sensory parameters:

Color Pale yellow
Taste/ Smell Fresh, neutral, no side taste and smell
Consistency Homogeneous

Physical-chemical parameters:

Fat, % 38 – 42
Protein,  % Not lower as 1,7
Acidity, pH 6,6 – 6,8
Acidity, Th0 10 – 14
Density (+200C), kg/m3 Not lower as 980
Inhibitory substances absent
Peroxidase Negative

Microbiological parameters:

Total plate count, KVV/1ml ≤ 10 000
Enterobacteriaceae, KVV/1ml <10
Coliforms, KVV/ml <10
E.coli, KVV/ml <10
Listeria monocytogenes, 125 ml absent
Salmonellas spp., 125 ml absent

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