Raw milk is an unpasteurized product that Baltic Dairy Board purchases only from the Baltic milk producers and milk purchasers certified by the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service .

During the raw milk extraction process, the highest hygiene and milk safety requirements are maintained. The farms that produce raw milk perform regular circulation monitoring of animal health, welfare, feed, by-products not intended for human consumption is carried out.

Quality indicators:

Sensory parameters:

Color White or white with a pale yellow tinge
Taste/ Smell Characteristic for fresh milk, without other flavors and fragrances
Consistency Homogeneous liquid without mechanical impurities and sediments

Chemical parameters:

Fat, % min 4,0
Protein, % min 3,0
Density, ( 200C.) kg/m3 not lower than 1028
Freezing temperature, 0C not higher than – 0,516
Acidity, pH 6,50 – 6,80
Acidity, 0 T 16 – 18
Inhibitory substances absent

Microbiological parameters:

Total plate count, KVV/1ml ≤ 100 000
Somatic cell count, /1ml ≤  400 000
Listeria monocytogenes, 25 ml absent
Salmonellas spp., 25 ml absent