Skimmed milk concentrate is obtained through the reverse osmosis by concentrating the dry matter of the skimmed milk and the removing the water partially.

Skimmed milk concentrate is used for milk and meat products, confectionery, and milk drinks.

Quality indicators:

Chemical parameters:

Fat % max 0,3
Protein % min 6,5
Protein dry basis, % min 34,0
Acidity, pH min. 6,3
Dry matter, % min 19,0
Inhibitory substances absent

Microbiological parameters:

Total plate count, KVV/1ml < 100 000
Enterobacteriaceae, KVV/1ml <10
Coliforms, KVV/ml <10
Listeria monocytogenes, 25 ml absent
Salmonellas spp., 25 ml absent