Baltic Dairy Board skimmed milk is produced by separating the raw milk and milk fat.

Skimmed milk is used to produce reduced-fat dairy products, for example, skimmed milk cottage cheese, sour milk drinks, milk powder, cheese and casein.

Quality indicators:

Sensory parameters:

Color White with a slightly bluish tinge
Taste/ Smell Clean, typical for pasteurized milk without any side flavors and odors
Consistency Homogeneous liquid without sediment and mechanical impurities

Chemical indicators:

Fat % max 0,08
Protein % min 3,1
Density ( 200C ) kg/m 1030 – 1035
Phosphatase test Negative
Acidity, pH 6,50 – 6,80
Acidity, 0 T 16 – 18
Inhibitory substances absent

Microbiological indicators:

Total plate count, KVV/1ml ≤ 50 000
Enterobacteriaceae, KVV/ml <10
Coliforms, KVV/ml <10
Salmonellas spp., 125 ml absent
Listeria monocytogenes, 125 ml absent